Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meeting With YWCA Rep

Today I had a meeting with the rep from the YWCA. His job is to help me find employment once I enter the program at the YMCA.

He went over the program with me and how they would be able to help me find employment. He is very gungho about finding me work. I personally think he is in for surprise.  I asked him if he had ever worked with a male CNA before and he said he has not. Well I know of what I speak and he will have his hands full. You see places don't like to hire older male CNA's. But we will see.

I also asked about job training. he said I will be able to apply and that they will help me with that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meeting With VA

Well today I had a meeting with the VA social worker. The meeting took place at Carlisle Cares a local homeless day shelter.

We filled out applications to several programs and she took a good amount of information from me. She also went over the various programs available. I am not considered homeless yet which is good but also sucks. If I was homeless that would open a few more doors for me. I asked about the VASH program but I am not eligible for that program. It is for the chronically homeless of which I am not considered part of. The program that I am eligible for is in Harrisburg. To get into the program I will be required to quit my job of 5 years. I will be staying at the YMCA which is a temporary shelter or transitional as they call it. Also I will be working through the YWCA to find employment. I have a meeting tomorrow with the rep from the YWCA.

Now don't get me wrong I do appreciate all the help they are offering. I just find it counter productive to quit my job. I will be going from having an income to having no income. I don't want to move to Harrisburg or quit my job. I don't want to but I will do it if it becomes necessary. I plan on pursuing other options if I can find them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VA Called today

Well the VA called today. I now have an appointment for next Wednesday. They asked more questions also went over a few options nothing concrete just generalities.

I have been doing some research and found the HUD-VASH program. Basically what it is is a program that will help me pay rent through the issue of a voucher. This program seems like a good fit for me as it will help me get housing and also they will work with me to get a better job so that I can once again be self sufficient.

Can't wait till next Wednesday.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Contacting the VA

Well I have not been able to secure housing and time is quickly running out. I have to take into account the holidays.

I called the VA hotline tonight and they took my info and will have someone call me tomorrow.

They seemed really helpful but I hear all the bad stuff about the VA so we will see.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Journey Begins

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bob and I am a U.S. Army Veteran. I served from 1979 until 1988. I am the divorced father of three grown boys. I am 51 years old.

Currently employed as a Certified Nursing Aide. I work in Home Health. I currently make $9.50 an hour at my job that gives me 18 to 21 hours a week with no benefits. I really love what I do for a living. I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a better job that will offer more hours and better pay with benefits. I will not give up because I know that someone will hire me. I just find it frustrating.

Prior to becoming a CNA I worked as an industrial mechanic. But was laid off and decided to pursue a different direction.

I learned on 16th of November that I would have to vacate my current residence by the end of December. The owners are abandoning the property and thus I will no longer be able to live here.

Now the dilemma I find myself in is that due to extremely low pay I have no savings and am unable to afford rent, utilities, and food all at the same time. I am working on it though.

I will see what I will see what I am able to accomplish in the next few weeks. I am hoping to have a place to stay in a few days or weeks. But if need be there is always the VA homeless programs.