Friday, March 29, 2013

Sorry For The Delay

I am so sorry for the delay in  posting. I am doing well. Just that I have been extremely busy. As you know my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I also got a job.

Well with work and helping with my mother I have had very little time and inclination to post. I know many are following this blog and I apologize for not posting more and sooner.

The job is going ok. Like I have said it is a low paying job, but it is a job. I am still looking for a better position but not like I would like. I wish that I could dedicate more time to my job search but other demands for my time are taking precedence at the moment. I am barely making enough to survive but at least I have an income.

Now for the other big thing in my life, my mother. We are dealing the best we can with her condition. She is doing as well as can be expected. Due to her age and underlying medical concerns our options on treating her cancer are limited. It was caught early thus it is easily treated but due to her other medical conditions and age it limits what we can do. She is currently receiving chemo. Surgery at this point in time is not an option. Though it is the best option. But the fear is that she would not survive the surgery, so we are keeping that a a last option if all other treatments fail. the vast majority of my waking non working hours are spent with her.

In the future I will try to post more as there is more I want to tell you. So please bear with me as I negotiate this crazy life of mine. Again I apologize for not posting more.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Well like I said in my last post I have a job. It is going well but the pay really, really sucks. I am still looking for a better paying job. The work is mind numbing but at least it is a job. The people I work with are ok, for the most part they are friendly.

We are still waiting on some test on my mom. I am really scared for her. She is doing well but a bit depressed. I am trying to keep her spirits up. But with me now working it is hard to be there as much as I want. She knows that and understands. Please everyone keep her in your prayers.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Week

This last week has been extremely busy and heartbreaking for me.

On a good note I now have a job. It does not pay much but it is income. I told them that I do not own a car and thus would be either walking or taking a bus to work. They were not happy with that arrangement but were willing to give me a try. By my figures I will be bringing home approximately $200 a week. Not much to live on but I have worked with much less.

I will keep plugging away at finding employment that will allow me afford to live. I am not looking for the perfect job with the highest income. But I would not turn it down. I am looking for a job that will allow me to pay my bills and have a little left over to have a bit of fun. 

Now on a very sad note I learned that my mother has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. That bit of news really hit me hard. We don't know the prognosis yet as more tests must be done. Please everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We will get through this as we are a tough lot.

I want to once again thank everyone for the kind donations. I am so humbled by the kindness of strangers who have out of the goodness of their heart has sent me money. I am holding the funds until I can buy a car. From what I have seen this will open so many more doors to getting the job that will allow me to once again stand on my own two feet. Thank You So Much!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Again

Well here it is Friday again. We are in the midst of a snow scare. They are predicting a large snow storm to hit the northeast this weekend starting today. The local weather guys are saying that we may not see the amounts of accumulation that other parts of the northeast may see.

On the job front it has been a busy week. I have filled out many applications both online and in person. I have received a total of one call this week from an employer. They were offering me an interview until I informed them that I would be arriving by bus. I really, really need to stop doing that and just telling them I have reliable transportation. I sometimes think I am to honest for my own good.

I also need to update this blog more often. I have been going by the process in that I only post updates when something significant happens or when a week passes with no updates. I will give this some thought and make the required changes.

Donations have been trickling in and I am so grateful for all the kind donations. As you can see by the app on the right I am at $180 for total donations. Putting that out there and asking for donations was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I just wish it had not come to that but it warms my heart that people are willing to give me a helping hand on my road to self sufficiency. Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Son

Well here it is another Saturday in the "Y". The week was a bit boring as all I did was fill out applications and send resume's. Have not gotten any hits from them yet but I am hoping that next week they start calling me. I really, really need to get a job soon.

Last night I was sitting in my room watching Netflix and my phone rang. What a great surprise I got when I answered it. It was a call from my middle son, Jon. He is at Ft. Sill for basic training. He tells me that he has been in the reception platoon for the last week. We had a great conversation. I am so proud of him. I am so proud of all three of my sons. They have grown up to be awesome men. A father could not be any prouder than I am.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Week Ahead

Well made it through the weekend. Nothing much happened other than I really, really hate not having a job and income. That makes for a boring weekend.

As of right now I have nothing on the agenda for this week. I plan on putting in as many applications that I can this week. I am pretty optimistic that I will get a job soon.

Since I moved in here at the "Y" I have been really watching allot of Netflix. I found this great Australian TV series called McLeod's  Daughters. If you get the chance check it out.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busy Week

Well so far it has been a busy week. I have had two interviews this week so far. I feel both went rather well. One is at a nursing home and the other is at a hospital. I am hoping for the one at the hospital. We will see.

Both were not too keen on the fact that I do not have a car. I did reassure them that I will be able to get to work on time even though I do not own a car.

The other thing I mentioned about getting a car is showing some promise. I posted a wish for donations to help me raise the funds to purchase a car. I have received to date $130.00. Not much but a start. I just hope that it does work out. I really, really hate asking for money like that. But if you my reader are so inclined please use the button on the right to donate to my car fund. Thank you so very much in advance. I would also like to Thank from the bottom of my heart those that have already donated.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sorry For The Delay

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Things have been rather busy here as of late.

Looks like I lost the job I was telling you about that hired me. I told them that I would be either walking to work or taking the bus. They say that they require reliable transportation and my feet or the bus are not included in their definition of reliable transportation. They want me to own a car.

I have been going to many interviews which is rather amazing in and of itself. But I am continuously hearing they require reliable transportation. Without a car a I am severly limited and handicapped.

I posted to Wishadoo in an attempt to pursue another avenue in an attempt to get a car. We will see how that works out. I am rather humbled and greatly in-debt to everyone over there. They are an amazing group of folks. Especially the site administrator, she has helped me so much in this journey.

Well this week looks to be busy as well. I have to go to my last employer to get some paperwork signed for DPS. Also have two interviews scheduled. Taking the bus is so very time consuming compared to a car. I am so thankful that the VA provides us with bus tickets. Or I would be walking to every appointment I have.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Good News Today

Well today for being a Monday has been rather good.

I got a phone call earlier today from Messiah Village, a nursing home. They are going to interview me over the phone tomorrow. I just have to fill them in on my employment for the last ten years. Thank god for resumes, hehe. If they want me to come in I will have to figure out how I am going to get there. I really, really, REALLY hate not having a car. If I owned a car it would make things so much easier. But the again with no income gas would be a problem.

I went down to the lobby to the office where the VA reps are located and was telling the girl there whom I assumed was the caseworkers replacement . Well she was just a help at the "Y". Oh well.
While I was talking to her my phone started to ring, I left it ring and go to voice-mail.

Once I finished talking to her I called my voice-mail. It was a message from Golden Living Center who I had am interview with on Friday. The girl who called me wants me to go in tomorrow at 1100 for pre-employment paperwork. I called her back to confirm and you guessed it as did I they are hiring me. WOOHOO. I just have to pass a drug screen, PPD (TB test), and background check. I am not worried about the drug test or PPD. I only worry about the background check. I have a thing on there but it does not by law preclude me in anyway from working as a CNA. If it did I would not even be certified. Wish me luck.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Well today I had my interview at Golden Living Center. I feel it went rather well. I had to wait over an hour before they came and got me for the interview. Instead of taking the bus I decided to walk there. It is not a bad walk. Two and four-tenths miles, it took me about forty minutes to  make the trip. So if I do get hired I will not have to worry about getting there.

We discussed many things and had a great conversation. I feel that my love of nursing came across. At the end of the interview I asked her why she worked there. I got a great answer in reply and not the canned company line.

I then left to head back to the "Y" and went out into the rain and walked in the wrong direction. Stupid me I kept walking looking for a bus stop. I did find one eventually but had to wait in the rain for about an hour.

Once I got back to the "Y" I got into dry clothes and took the vet van to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.Thank God for food stamps or I would not be eating.

Yesterday I got a phone call from another Nursing home. They REALLY want to interview me. The lady all but offered me a job over the phone. A couple of problems though. One it is part time with the possibility of going full time. and the second is that they are located in Palmyra. Cat does not run any buses to Palmyra so i will have to figure something out. Also walking there is not an option nor is riding a bike. I did go ahead and schedule the interview for next Thursday.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good News

Well yesterday I went to CareerLink. What a waste of time. Well not really, I was able to get my account info, so that was not a waste of time. I found that all the jobs they had when I did a search I had already applied for. Also when I looked under recommended jobs based on my work history and application history they had none available. LOL.

I got some great news today. I got a call from a local Nursing Home. They want to interview me. I have an interview on Friday at 1400. WOOHOO!! Now to get back to reality. I am not hired yet but at least it is an interview.

I called my Employment Program Specialist to give him the great news. He was happy but he is slammed with work from his vacation. I have to go see him today and he will get me some bus tickets. The great news is that there is a bus stop right in-front of  where I have the interview. I called the Cat Bus place and found what bus I need to take. But they have a limited run time so I am going to get there really early. Oh well, I like to arrive early for appointments anyhow.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Food Stamps

Well it's official. I now have food stamps. I applied for assistance on the 31st of December. I went in today as I mentioned I had to when I got a call from the assistance office. I walked the whole way there, Google says it was 2.8 miles from the "Y". I was going to take a CAT bus home but started walking and looking for a bus stop. Did not see any and came upon the street where I grocery shop and needed to pick up a few items so never did catch a bus home.

Tomorrow I am planning on going to Career Link. That is the unemployment office. I need to get hooked up with them again. I am not going to get any cash but they have job search options.

I am starting to get a bit frustrated with the VA. Yes they are providing me with a place to stay but that is about all they are doing. I thought I would have more contact with them. But oh well. I feel that my greatest fear when I started this journey is happening. I am falling through the cracks. I am so used to doing things myself with no help so I guess that is how it is going to be.

On another good note. I now have permission to tell you about one of my readers. he does not want me to mention his name. But I have a Senator from Washington as a reader. He contacted me and told me he is following my blog. I asked permission to tell you about him but he said he is fine with it just no names as of yet. It just makes me happy that I have someone with his status following my journey.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Update

Well some great news!! I just got off the phone with the Dept. of Public Welfare. They tell me I am eligible for expedited food stamps. I have to go in on Monday to talk to them and take some paperwork in to them. Not to happy that I need food stamps but at least I will be able to eat.

Happy Friday

Well here it is another Friday at the YMCA. Got word the other day that they will be doing some pest control and spraying for bedbugs in the rooms today. I have to stand my mattress and box-spring on it's side so they can spray.

I am getting really bummed because I am finding it harder than I though to find a job. I am starting to think that I may in the next few weeks move back to Carlisle and live in my tent. I spoke to my last employer yesterday and they informed me that they could put me to work almost right away. I told them to make some calls and find me work here in Harrisburg.

They told me that my last client fell and broke his leg while my replacement was with him. I am  really upset over that bit of news.

I spoke to my middle son yesterday. Jon is leaving for the Army on the 6th and wanted to come see me. I had to tell him that I moved and he will try to make it here to see me. I hope that he does. I really miss all my boys. I want more of a relationship with them. I have not spoken to my oldest son in many years and that hurts me to no end. I am hoping that someday he reaches out to me. I have and continue to reach out to him but leave it in his court to reply to me. I am so proud of each of my sons. They are great young men.

Also found out my pay today is much less that I was expecting. I got $47.94. That hurts big time.