Friday, January 11, 2013


Well today I had my interview at Golden Living Center. I feel it went rather well. I had to wait over an hour before they came and got me for the interview. Instead of taking the bus I decided to walk there. It is not a bad walk. Two and four-tenths miles, it took me about forty minutes to  make the trip. So if I do get hired I will not have to worry about getting there.

We discussed many things and had a great conversation. I feel that my love of nursing came across. At the end of the interview I asked her why she worked there. I got a great answer in reply and not the canned company line.

I then left to head back to the "Y" and went out into the rain and walked in the wrong direction. Stupid me I kept walking looking for a bus stop. I did find one eventually but had to wait in the rain for about an hour.

Once I got back to the "Y" I got into dry clothes and took the vet van to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.Thank God for food stamps or I would not be eating.

Yesterday I got a phone call from another Nursing home. They REALLY want to interview me. The lady all but offered me a job over the phone. A couple of problems though. One it is part time with the possibility of going full time. and the second is that they are located in Palmyra. Cat does not run any buses to Palmyra so i will have to figure something out. Also walking there is not an option nor is riding a bike. I did go ahead and schedule the interview for next Thursday.

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