Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday

Well here it is another Friday at the YMCA. Got word the other day that they will be doing some pest control and spraying for bedbugs in the rooms today. I have to stand my mattress and box-spring on it's side so they can spray.

I am getting really bummed because I am finding it harder than I though to find a job. I am starting to think that I may in the next few weeks move back to Carlisle and live in my tent. I spoke to my last employer yesterday and they informed me that they could put me to work almost right away. I told them to make some calls and find me work here in Harrisburg.

They told me that my last client fell and broke his leg while my replacement was with him. I am  really upset over that bit of news.

I spoke to my middle son yesterday. Jon is leaving for the Army on the 6th and wanted to come see me. I had to tell him that I moved and he will try to make it here to see me. I hope that he does. I really miss all my boys. I want more of a relationship with them. I have not spoken to my oldest son in many years and that hurts me to no end. I am hoping that someday he reaches out to me. I have and continue to reach out to him but leave it in his court to reply to me. I am so proud of each of my sons. They are great young men.

Also found out my pay today is much less that I was expecting. I got $47.94. That hurts big time.

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