Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good News

Well yesterday I went to CareerLink. What a waste of time. Well not really, I was able to get my account info, so that was not a waste of time. I found that all the jobs they had when I did a search I had already applied for. Also when I looked under recommended jobs based on my work history and application history they had none available. LOL.

I got some great news today. I got a call from a local Nursing Home. They want to interview me. I have an interview on Friday at 1400. WOOHOO!! Now to get back to reality. I am not hired yet but at least it is an interview.

I called my Employment Program Specialist to give him the great news. He was happy but he is slammed with work from his vacation. I have to go see him today and he will get me some bus tickets. The great news is that there is a bus stop right in-front of  where I have the interview. I called the Cat Bus place and found what bus I need to take. But they have a limited run time so I am going to get there really early. Oh well, I like to arrive early for appointments anyhow.

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