Monday, January 14, 2013

Good News Today

Well today for being a Monday has been rather good.

I got a phone call earlier today from Messiah Village, a nursing home. They are going to interview me over the phone tomorrow. I just have to fill them in on my employment for the last ten years. Thank god for resumes, hehe. If they want me to come in I will have to figure out how I am going to get there. I really, really, REALLY hate not having a car. If I owned a car it would make things so much easier. But the again with no income gas would be a problem.

I went down to the lobby to the office where the VA reps are located and was telling the girl there whom I assumed was the caseworkers replacement . Well she was just a help at the "Y". Oh well.
While I was talking to her my phone started to ring, I left it ring and go to voice-mail.

Once I finished talking to her I called my voice-mail. It was a message from Golden Living Center who I had am interview with on Friday. The girl who called me wants me to go in tomorrow at 1100 for pre-employment paperwork. I called her back to confirm and you guessed it as did I they are hiring me. WOOHOO. I just have to pass a drug screen, PPD (TB test), and background check. I am not worried about the drug test or PPD. I only worry about the background check. I have a thing on there but it does not by law preclude me in anyway from working as a CNA. If it did I would not even be certified. Wish me luck.

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