Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Again

Well here it is Friday again. We are in the midst of a snow scare. They are predicting a large snow storm to hit the northeast this weekend starting today. The local weather guys are saying that we may not see the amounts of accumulation that other parts of the northeast may see.

On the job front it has been a busy week. I have filled out many applications both online and in person. I have received a total of one call this week from an employer. They were offering me an interview until I informed them that I would be arriving by bus. I really, really need to stop doing that and just telling them I have reliable transportation. I sometimes think I am to honest for my own good.

I also need to update this blog more often. I have been going by the process in that I only post updates when something significant happens or when a week passes with no updates. I will give this some thought and make the required changes.

Donations have been trickling in and I am so grateful for all the kind donations. As you can see by the app on the right I am at $180 for total donations. Putting that out there and asking for donations was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I just wish it had not come to that but it warms my heart that people are willing to give me a helping hand on my road to self sufficiency. Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!!!

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  1. As a member at DU, I want to make you aware that by requesting funds from other DUers you are, what we call in my part of the country, "drilling in a dry hole." We liberals claim to be the smartest people on earth, but yet we have no money, which sort of takes the air out of that particular belief. You might want to advertise your need on some conservative pols sites. They may not claim to be the smartest people alive, but they have tons of money and are very generous. Funny how things work like that. Otherwise, good luck!