Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Week

This last week has been extremely busy and heartbreaking for me.

On a good note I now have a job. It does not pay much but it is income. I told them that I do not own a car and thus would be either walking or taking a bus to work. They were not happy with that arrangement but were willing to give me a try. By my figures I will be bringing home approximately $200 a week. Not much to live on but I have worked with much less.

I will keep plugging away at finding employment that will allow me afford to live. I am not looking for the perfect job with the highest income. But I would not turn it down. I am looking for a job that will allow me to pay my bills and have a little left over to have a bit of fun. 

Now on a very sad note I learned that my mother has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. That bit of news really hit me hard. We don't know the prognosis yet as more tests must be done. Please everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We will get through this as we are a tough lot.

I want to once again thank everyone for the kind donations. I am so humbled by the kindness of strangers who have out of the goodness of their heart has sent me money. I am holding the funds until I can buy a car. From what I have seen this will open so many more doors to getting the job that will allow me to once again stand on my own two feet. Thank You So Much!!!!

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