Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meeting With VA

Well today I had a meeting with the VA social worker. The meeting took place at Carlisle Cares a local homeless day shelter.

We filled out applications to several programs and she took a good amount of information from me. She also went over the various programs available. I am not considered homeless yet which is good but also sucks. If I was homeless that would open a few more doors for me. I asked about the VASH program but I am not eligible for that program. It is for the chronically homeless of which I am not considered part of. The program that I am eligible for is in Harrisburg. To get into the program I will be required to quit my job of 5 years. I will be staying at the YMCA which is a temporary shelter or transitional as they call it. Also I will be working through the YWCA to find employment. I have a meeting tomorrow with the rep from the YWCA.

Now don't get me wrong I do appreciate all the help they are offering. I just find it counter productive to quit my job. I will be going from having an income to having no income. I don't want to move to Harrisburg or quit my job. I don't want to but I will do it if it becomes necessary. I plan on pursuing other options if I can find them.

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