Monday, December 17, 2012

Here it is Monday Evening

Well here it is Monday evening. The lady from CAC has not come through for me. She did offer a job that is in Hershey as a House Supervisor for the Hershey School. That really is a non starter seeing as it is farther away from home. So I guess I will be going to Harrisburg on Wednesday. I really don't want to go but I must to keep a roof over my head. Actually I am starting to warm up to the idea a very little bit.

Other than quitting my job of 5 years and moving away from town it think my concern is fear. Fear of the unknown. I will know no one where I am going. Also there has been allot in the new lately about crime in Harrisburg. Oh well I will get over it. 

Well I told work that Tuesday will be my last day. They are not happy. I told them that if they would have paid me more and given me more hours I would not be in this situation. That was like talking to a brick wall.

I have been packing for the last 3 days. A little bit at a time. All I have left to pack is my coffee maker, coffee cup, pen cup, this computer and it's cord, personal care items and clothes. The clothes are pretty much good to go all I need to do is make sure my laundry bags are sealed and the hampers are filled. I will do the clothes tomorrow then I will be ready for Wednesday. Oh forgot have to piss the parents off when I take my wireless router. I will do that Wednesday morning.

I have two 27 gallon tubs filled, my Osprey backpack, and three other day packs. Plus an over  night bag all ready to go. Man are the tubs heavy hehe. I hope when I get to the YMCA I don't have a ton of steps to go up. If I do they better have an elevator, lol.

I need to call the social worker tomorrow to find out when she will pick me up. Thank god she has a van.

Once I get settled into the "Y" I will take a few pics. and post then here so you all can see my new homeless person digs.

Thanks for following my journey it is starting to get interesting.

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