Wednesday, December 12, 2012

VA Social Worker Called

Well today did not go exactly as I hoped it would. I was hoping that the lady from CAC would have called as she promised. But alas she did not call. See that is the thing, in the past I have elicited the help of others and each and every time I have been let down. Thus I have learned, I have only myself to count on. I do not really trust anyone. Don't get me wrong I do allow people to make the offer to help. Although I do not anticipate that they will follow through because based on my experience they don't. I always give them ample opportunity to prove me wrong. To my detriment, because the letdown is more pronounced.

I will call the CAC lady tomorrow and see where we are.

I did get a call from the VA social worker today. She informed me that I have been accepted into the program at the Harrisburg YMCA. I have a move in date of  Dec. 19, 2012. So I will have to pack up my meager belongings that I am taking with me. I am going to have to abandon a large part of my belongings. Well the silver lining to that is that I get to buy new stuff. I really, really don't want to move to Harrisburg and quit my job. But to keep a roof over my head I will.

One thing is I don't have to move in until next Wednesday so that gives the lady from CAC more time to help me find an alternative solution.

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