Thursday, December 27, 2012


Yesterday I was asked by my case worker and the "Y" housing program manager to stop in today to participate in an internet survey for the VA. It is a survey about services that the VA provides and whether they applied to me and if I have been able to access the services.

I told them that I had internet in my room. They gave me the web address to the survey. Last night I typed in the address and went to the page. After some searching I found the survey and filled it out. Many of the service's I knew about but many I did not. I filled it out honestly. I am sure that the survey as I filled it out would not look favorably on the VA. So I hope that they take the information they are gathering and make the needed changes to address the problems I noted.

Things have been going ok. I am starting to run short on cash but am budgeting the best I can. I updated my resume yesterday. Also filled out a bunch of applications on the web for jobs. Hopefully I will soon have a job.

I am also waiting to talk to my jobs counselor about getting into school to improve my skills. The VA has a program that will pay me for my living expenses while I attend school. I want to look into that because if I improve my skills I will be able to get a higher paying job.


  1. Your resume link does not work.

    1. Thanks for the info.

      I had to remove the link until I can find a good solution